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Hello! My name is Amanda, I am currently a Practicum Student with Yorkville University and CJS Psychotherapy, working towards my registration as a Psychotherapist, a career trajectory aligned with my passion and purpose: helping people to understand their own behaviour patterns, and providing sound guidance to help them create happier and healthier lives for themselves.

My therapeutic approach comes from a humanistic lens, where I perceive my clients to be ‘in the driver’s seat’ and I as ‘the front-seat passenger’, while we collaborate to address life challenges and work together to create positive change. I am passionate about bringing authenticity to my sessions, with lightheartedness and humour, while encouraging individual creativity. My goal is to provide my clients with a safe and comfortable space, as I look forward to greeting each individual with openness, non-judgment, empathy and trust.

To provide a brief background, I was born and raised in Toronto and graduated with my BA roughly 10 years ago with a double major in Psychology and Business. Since then, I’ve worked my way up to the operations of a major company, which was my initial goal upon graduating as to gain exposure to how large businesses “work”. Those years have blessed me with a whirlwind of social experiences and a wide range of professional relationships, but most of all the burning desire to actually do something worthwhile in this lifetime! My passion for women empowerment was especially ignited throughout these experiences.

I began my career transition to psychotherapy as I worked alongside a physician/entrepreneur, working on various healthcare consulting projects. My favourite part of this experience was leading a conference series titled “Accelerating Innovations and Investments for Rare Diseases”. Through these interactions with patients and working in the clinical atmosphere, I realized much of the human suffering I saw was psychological (rather than solely physiological), relating to the importance of mental health and wellness. This insight – that the wounds that one cannot see are just as important to remedy – has fueled my drive to follow my “calling” and make meaningful contributions to the field of Psychology.

My personal time is primarily spent on self-education and feeding my curiosity for a wide range
of subjects through reading and personal research. I am keenly interested in exploring the new directions being advanced in self-awareness and self-image, specifically those that stem from the research of Dr. Maxwell Maltz on Psycho-Cybernetics. When I am given the gift of free time, I love new adventures, travelling and exploring, any nature related activities, family time, and my recent distractions have been my twin kitties, Zeus and Zena (who my clients will likely meet onscreen!).

Lastly, I invite you to take a look at some recent blogs of mine that I have linked below. I love to write about topics that inspire me, and hope it provides some further insight in terms of getting to know me!

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